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Importance of the Change Management Standard [Video]

Rick Rothermel, CEO of LaMarsh Global, articulates for us the importance of the ACMP standard and how it has been evolving and will continue to evolve at the pace of change.

Because the ecosystem of business is changing rapidly, clients want things to happen quicker, more efficiently. They also want to…

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We Care About Blue Ridge Community Farm

LaMarsh Global couldn’t be more excited to continue our We Care initiative in 2017 by supporting Blue Ridge Community Farm, a 245-acre working farm that supports children and adults with special needs.

This 501(c)(3) organization located in Central Illinois hosts educational field trips for special education and life skills classes. Importantly, trips are provided…

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Enhanced Public Training: Learn to Lead Change for Your Organization!

No hype!  No pitch!  No cut rate discounts!  Just Do It!

The new year is here and it’s time for you to take charge of your future – Learn the concepts, apply the tools and earn the certifications you need to effectively lead and implement change in your organization.

Our change…

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Announcing Managed Change™ 2.0

LaMarsh Global’s Managed Change™ Model and Methodology have been modified to incorporate the insights and experiences garnered from thousands of global practitioners, businesses, and thought leaders and from our personal experience applying the model, processes, and tools.

The original framework is solid and remains intact. The enhancements reinforce the need for better…

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6 Tips for Managing Culture Clash

How can converging organizations leverage change management discipline to successfully integrate their respective, unique cultures?

One of our clients, a southwest regional organization that is aggressively acquiring independent practices and specialty centers, recently asked me this question.  The company’s goals are to create a system that will better serve a larger customer base and to…

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3 Easy Ways to Engage Targets in the Change Process

How can we get Targets to accept accountability for understanding the project and for making it happen?

My client Sophia emailed me to share her frustration with the Targets impacted by her current change initiative. Overall, they simply refused to participate in the change process and, unfortunately, they took too much…

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4 Ways to Shift the Conversation From Change Management to Risk Mitigation

How do you convince leaders that managing change is important?

I met Eduard at Change Management 2016, this year’s ACMP Global Conference in Grapevine, Texas. We talked about how challenging it was for him to apply change management discipline within his organization. He couldn’t convince his leadership team of why the organization should embrace the…

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Building a Change Capable Organization

Executive Summary

Building internal change capability is key to sustained business success and growth. One of our recent business services clients needed an internal network of champions to support the company’s impending foundational change, one that included an updated partnership and new, customized special arrangements with a key buyer. The service…

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How to Leverage Your Change Agent Network

What is the best approach to coordinating the efforts of multiple Change Agents supporting an enterprise-wide change implementation?

This question comes from Kung Jin, who earned his advanced certification just over a year ago. He was recently appointed to the position of Chief Change Officer for a global distribution organization. He told me he is…

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Introducing Expert on Demand [FAQs]

LaMarsh Global is pleased to announce our Expert on Demand virtual change management coaching and consulting support, where we’ll work with you exclusively to deliver virtual coaching and consulting sessions that address your specific business challenge.

Our expertise can help you scope a change project, hire and train resources, prepare for a…

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Developing a Change Management Center of Excellence

Executive Summary

How do you continue to keep pace with new developments in change management thought leadership, help employees thrive in their roles as Change Agents, and enable continuous transfer of knowledge? One of our clients recognized that cracking this question was the key to creating competitive advantages and knew that builidng real change management capability could…

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Teaching Leaders How to Change with Managed Change™

Executive Summary

Change happens. On all fronts, organizations and leaders are challenged to step up and set the pace for their teams. They need to be able to inspire, communicate, and make sound decisions. One of our clients began to realize that without process to this important work, things were getting really confusing. After some unfortunate…

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10 Building Blocks of Organizational Change Capability

How is developing change management competency different from creating organizational change capability?

We recently received an RFP from a global manufacturing organization interested in creating “change management” competency across the enterprise.  

Our team attended a Q&A session. We were asked, “How is developing change management competency different from creating organizational change capability?”

In the video,…

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Shaw Communications: Take the Long View

Executive Summary

Shaw Communications, a leading Canadian telecommunications company was faced with a challenge. Well financed, with highly skilled technical staff, the organization struggled with the launch of new programs. The changes that employees needed to make were hard to implement and sustain. So, Leadership sought out consultants to diagnosis…

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How to Coach Up Ineffective Change Sponsors


I received an email from a former client who is now a Change Agent working on a mission-critical change project. In her message, she wrote that her project’s Sponsor recently changed and that her new supervisor is pushing her to get done with…

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3 Ways Change Management Improves Business Strategy


My client Alexis contracted LaMarsh Global to work with her senior leadership team on the development of their business strategy. She recognized that defining and implementing a business strategy requires change management discipline to be successful. Her CEO respected her opinion but was skeptical…

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10 Tips for Communicating the Desired State


My client Sylvia recently earned her Managed Change™ Agent Certification. She called me last week asking for some advice. Sylvia told me she worked with her Sponsor and the senior leadership team to define the Desired State…

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New Tool: Change Management Approach Selection Criteria Assessment


The Change Management Approach Selection Criteria Assessment tool will help your organization make an objective and thoughtful decision about the foundation of what will become the building blocks of your change management efforts.

Choosing the right change management model and…

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Celebrating Change Management Certification for Veterans

Happy Veterans Day! As a USAF retiree, I’m so excited to share that LaMarsh Global recently facilitated a custom Managed Change™ Agent Certification program designed specifically for veterans last month in San Antonio, Texas. It was amazing that both active military members and current military veterans attended the session and that…

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6 Lessons Learned From Failed Change Projects


I recently met with the EVP of Finance for a global pharmaceutical company who has lead responsibility for implementing a new ERP system across the enterprise. He told me that this is their third attempt with the implementation and that his company has…

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