The Role of Change Drivers in Business

In the dynamic landscape of business, understanding and navigating the forces that drive change is essential for any organization. These forces, known as change drivers, can stem from a variety of sources and can be categorized into four main types: external drivers beyond your control, external drivers you have some control over, internal drivers outside of your control, and internal drivers you do control. Recognizing and responding to these drivers is crucial for effective change management.

External Drivers That Are Beyond Your Control

These are changes that happen in the environment around your business that you cannot influence. For example, economic downturns, technological advancements, regulatory changes, or shifts in consumer behavior can force organizations to adapt. While you can’t control these external factors, you can control your response to them, which is critical for your organization’s resilience and longevity.

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External Drivers That You Have Some Control Over

Some external change drivers allow for a degree of influence. Consider, for instance, new laws or regulations. While you can’t change the law, you can engage in lobbying or adjust your business model to not only comply but also to find a competitive edge within the new framework. This category requires strategic thinking and proactive management to leverage the changes to your advantage.

Internal Drivers That Are Outside of Your Control

These drivers originate within the organization but are not within your personal control. Organizational restructuring, leadership changes, or shifts in strategic direction can all serve as internal drivers that necessitate change. Employees at all levels must remain adaptable and willing to learn new skills or take on new roles as these internal dynamics evolve.

Internal Drivers That You Do Control

Internal drivers you can control are often the most empowering, as they stem from personal choices or organizational decisions where you have agency. These can range from shifting your business focus, rebranding, or pursuing new markets to personal career development and setting new professional goals.

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The Importance of Identifying Change Drivers

Identifying change drivers is not just an academic exercise; it has real-world implications for how an organization prepares for and responds to change. Understanding what is driving change helps organizations prioritize resources, develop strategic plans, and communicate effectively with stakeholders.

For instance, if a company recognizes that digital transformation is a key external driver, it can invest in new technologies and training for its workforce. If new legislation is the driver, the company can allocate resources to compliance and advocacy efforts. Internally, if a company is undergoing a merger, it can focus on cultural integration and change communication to smooth the transition.

Reflecting on Change Drivers

As we reflect on change drivers, it’s important to remember that change is not always rational or linear. People’s attachment to the current state, their fear of loss, and their perception of the impact of change all play a role in how they respond. Organizations need to address these human elements to manage change effectively, communicate the why behind the change and the benefits it brings, and support individuals through the transition.


In conclusion, by understanding and addressing the various change drivers, organizations can successfully navigate the complexities of change. Whether these drivers are external or internal, beyond our control or within it, how we respond to them can make the difference between an organization that merely survives and one that thrives. Therefore, change drivers are challenges to overcome and opportunities to excel.

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