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People resist change. Managed Change™ ensures your people accept it.

Identify | Analyze | Mitigate

Proven Process.

We’ve been helping companies with Managed Change™ for over 40 years. Over 500 companies have benefitted from our approach. Managed Change™ helps you to eliminate the resistance points in your change efforts so a successful outcome is assured.

R = Qs x As

Results equal the quality of the solution X the acceptance of the solution. To drive a change effort you need to understand that acceptance is 80% of your success. We focus on gaining the acceptance required to achieve the desired outcome.

Sustain The Gains

Change is required to stay competitive. But it also means fast paced. Its imperative to maintain the gains made and the Managed Change™ process gives you the principles to do that.

Identify and Prepare.

Learn how using the Managed Change Methodology to lead your organization from your current state to your desired state can mean the difference between surviving and thriving.

Plan & Implement.

Focusing on the people side of change accurately identifies and reduces employee resistance while leveraging the support of change agents and boosters in the organization to create project momentum.

Sustainability Plan.

Change is constant, so we help you develop a plan to manage change as it emerges in the future.

What our clients say

“I appreciated the expert advice and guidance provided in this class. The resources provided will have immediate impact to our daily work practices.”

Angela Sanchez

The Master of Managed Change workshop is the best training I have taken in years…the small group setting allowed for dialogue and tailored learning. The materials and discussion could be applied regardless of industry.  I highly recommend!

Stefanie Lehmann

LaMarsh Global’s Master of Managed Change™ workshop was well worth the investment! The workshop was interactive, thought-provoking and enjoyable. Coming out of the workshop, I was  equipped not only with new tools, perspectives and approaches to change management, but also greater confidence in my abilities to ensure change readiness for the projects I support. Specific take-aways include reinforcement of the importance of setting expectations with and raising risks that may impact people readiness to sponsors.

Rita Barger

Managed Change™ should be the center of all change projects. It has made an enormous difference in the way our employees embrace and understand change.

-Fortune 500 CEO

Although our formal relationship with LaMarsh Global has come to a close, the Managed Change™ Model and Methodology lives on and is making a significant difference to employee engagement for our employees and leaders. LaMarsh Global consultants, true to their word, helped us build internal OCM capability at Shaw and then, yes, stepped away, declaring we were ready to fish on our own. For that, we are grateful.

Chantal Milloy, Director of Organizational Change & Effectiveness, Shaw Communications
A Few Of Our Happy Customers