Ready your organization to change and improve.

Assess the readiness of your organization to change and improve.

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Leverage change for success

For 45 years, LaMarsh Global has been researching organizational change and creating a system that works in contemporary businesses. The result is Managed Change – the leading approach to change management that you can immediately apply to your own projects.

The missing link to achieve your goals

Managed Change aligns leaders and employees so everyone understands the ultimate purpose of a change and contributes to a culture that enables systemic change.

Good for your business

Our internationally recognized approach doesn’t represent the theoretical – it is made to be used in real-life settings for large or small changes in any sector.

You’re the change leader

Great leaders lead their people through a change. Managed Change includes the tools that help you make the best decisions for the transformation you’re working on.

How risky is your change?

A solid change management plan means your change has a strong potential to be successful. Without a solid plan, your change might be a risk.

Determine your level of risk

Change management that works for you

Meet your project outcomes and achieve strategic goals.
For small projects, change management reduces the barriers between implementation and achievement of goals. For transformational change, change management fills the gap between strategy and return on investment.

Risk to opportunities
Enable leaders and individuals impacted by change to succeed.

Stagnation to innovation
Support a culture that welcomes change and fosters breakthroughs.

Better results
Improve the acceptance of any solution.

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Get your organization ready for change

We’ll fill in the gaps to help you leverage change.
For your next (or current) change, we’ll support and strengthen your change efforts. Meet your goals and achieve better results by ensuring your organization is capable and ready for change.

Develop internal change capability and create a system that results in sustained and successful change.

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  • Assessments
  • Build your capability
  • Coaching and training
Consulting for organizations

Everything you need to change better

Become a change leader through our training and certification.
Managed Change is a systemic approach that works in businesses today because it is intuitive, flexible, data-driven and scalable. It seamlessly integrates with other methodologies such as project management, Agile and Lean Six Sigma.

Strengthen your leadership skills by applying the Managed Change methodology and certification.

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  • Certification
  • Coaching
  • Career development
Managed Change training

Your experts in change management

LaMarsh Global is a team of researchers and practitioners who refine and apply Managed Change - and will teach you how to use it.

Our team of change management experts continue to research the best practices and integrate the latest research into the methodology. We can bring change management to your organization, collaborate with your team or provide coaching.

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