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Wrong: Change Agents Own the Change | Video Transcript


How can we say that? The project team, the change agents are responsible for the change. They work endless hours, and they keep talking about leadership. If only they could get senior leadership and middle management to be willing to give the speech about the change it would make THEIR change so much easier to implement.

How can we say they don’t OWN the change when they are tasked with getting leadership to give the speech? The answer is very simple. The people who have to change don’t work for the project team. They work for those leaders we are asking to act like sponsors. The change is a change in their department, their business unit, and their region. What is changing is a system or a process that belongs to them and their operation. So the change DOES belong to them.

The problem is the misconception on their part and the part of the project team that between the time the leaders make the decision that this change should be made and the time it is fully implemented and integrated into the way the ‘new current state’, both believe the delta – the time of change – is owned by the project team, the change agents.

When we can clear up that misconception, get the leader to understand that during the delta they are still the owner we will dramatically increase the probability of a successful change. Then we don’t have change agents hoping to get leaders to give speeches.  We have a project ‘owned’ by the leadership and enabled by the change agents. That’s a big and important difference.

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