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About LaMarsh Global

LaMarsh Global has been serving clients as a market leader in transformation consulting since 1979. Our rich history and proprietary methodology allow skilled consultants to solve fresh problems with rooted ingenuity. We offer services centered on digital transformation, legal transformation, workforce initiatives, and other moments that focus businesses on winning differently.

Leading change management since 1979

LaMarsh Global was founded decades before change management standards were established and we remain focused on growth and innovation for successful changes. As the rate and complexity of organizational change have changed over the years, our commitment to helping organizations navigate these changes has only increased. We believe that by inspiring individuals and organizations to embrace transformation, they are able to remain contemporary, innovative, and successful.

Adaptable to any change project

Our ultimate objective is to give our clients access to effective and accessible change management services no matter their organization's size or type of project. We work with teams every step of the way, offering tailored solutions that focus on their unique needs and helping them develop strategies that are best suited for their organization. To this end, we review and expand managed change regularly so that it remains current and can be applied across a wide range of sectors.

Continuously refreshing our approach

Our experienced team of change management consultants are constantly exploring new ways in which managed change can be used more effectively within an organization. By staying up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry, we are better able to anticipate challenges brought about by constant organizational transformation while suggesting improvements to optimize processes as needed. Through research-backed strategies, practical advice and hands-on support, we strive to provide organizations with all the tools they need to successfully manage changes, large or small.

“We exist to help businesses get efficiently from A to B, so business leaders stay focused on meeting commercial goals.”

B.J. McComas, CEO


Giving back

The LaMarsh Global team is passionate about finding opportunities to give back and make a difference. Our experts in change management believe that success for businesses can be improved with the right strategy and implementation, and that not-for-profit groups and community causes can benefit greatly from our expertise. To ensure that everyone has access to the best training and consulting, our specialists are offered paid days off to provide their guidance to organizations in need in their own communities.

Managed Change Methodology

Why it works


Manages each risk, goal, and workstream with a singular focus on transformational success.


Focuses on how to transform efficiently, not on a niche delivery objective.


Adapts the scope of work to match project size and impact on the organization.

Let Us Help You Grow

LaMarsh is your partner in transformation. We’ll help you improve your business by providing the advice, resources, and training that enable your business to thrive.