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Sharing the Best Change Management Resources

Over the past few years, we have been freely sharing our change management thought leadership with you and your colleagues.

Very importantly, we have focused the weekly blog posts, eBooks, podcasts, tools, videos and other resource downloads on helping you improve the way in which change is managed in your organization. Keeping with this commitment, August’s eNewsletter includes access to the final episode of our Managed Change™ Minutes series, “Why One Company Calls Resistance a Gift”. You can view the video below.

The thirteen episodes in this series share the most common issues, concerns and challenges Change Agents, Sponsors and Targets face everyday in understanding their roles and performing their assigned responsibilities in the change process. Next month, we will publish the consolidated Managed Change™ Minutes series and make it available to you as a personal resource.

The LaMarsh Global digital library of change management resources has grown considerably over the years. We would like to share this growing collection of real change management thought leadership artifacts, which we have organized here for quick access and review. Don’t hesisitate to make this link a “favorite” in your internet browser. Our plan is to continue to provide you with the most relevant change management information for you and your organization.

What’s Ahead?

Our interaction with you has been great over the past year. You have told us you value these communications, and we continue to learn as we respond to your comments, emails, phone calls and other messages. The dialogue has been terrific and fun, and we want it to continue. In the next few months, LaMarsh Global will launch two new change management series — “Ask the Expert – Consulting Insights from the Field”, and “101 Frequently Asked Questions about Managed Change™.”

In the upcoming twelve-part video series, “Ask the Expert – Consulting Insights from the Field,” I will select from the numerous communications we receive on a daily basis and do my best to respond to the most relevant messages and personal conversations I have with change practitioners and Sponsors as they try to apply change management methodology and establish change management capability within their organizations. Please consider each episode a case study that presents a unique change management challenge. My responses to these challenges reference sound change management methodology and share my expertise as a change management consultant to explore common possible outcomes and discover real change management solutions.

The LaMarsh Global digital library of change management resources has grown considerably over the years.

Further, Jeanenne LaMarsh will be featured in a series of podcasts in which she addresses the “101 Frequently Asked Questions about Managed Change™”. This series will launch in October with the the first podcast centering on the “Key Roles in the Change Management Process”. In this, and each subsequent podcast, Jeanenne shares her thought leadership responses to several important FAQs from Managed Change™ practitioners and discusses related best practices and applications of the Methodology to supplement concepts presented in the above video series.

How to Continue the Dialogue…

Whether you have a burning, time-sensitive change management issue or challenge you want to discuss, a real question about the Managed Change™ Methodology you need answered or even a success story you are excited to share with the world; LaMarsh Global is always happy to hear from you. The richness of our continued communications and the ongoing adaptation of our methodology application and tools come from the challenges you discover and share and the work you do as Sponsors, Change Agents and Targets. Let us know how we can help and please continue to share our expertise and experience as change management practitioners and thought leaders.


Explore and download additional free change management resources from LaMarsh Global…

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