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Rick’s Reflections | Managed Change and a Global Affiliate Announcement

Managed Change™ is LaMarsh Global’s proprietary change management model that creates value for clients by reducing the financial and operational risks usually associated with change.

When I’m asked about Managed Change™ and why I’m such a strong advocate of the model, I often don’t know where to start. There are many strengths to share, and today I find myself particularly inspired by its versatility. My weekly conversations with LaMarsh Global’s certified change management consultants consistently reaffirm these feelings. We talk about how adaptable the model is as we check in from a range of client sites, with anything from simple projects to complex enterprise-wide implementations. We also discuss how well Managed Change™ works universally as our travels span regional, lingual and cultural borders. Overall, I’m fascinated by the growing global change landscape and the work that proves Managed Change™ is an international change management model. Its versatility is imperative to our business and allows LaMarsh Global to deliver complete change management solutions to clients worldwide. Our affiliates are an important part of this process. Each is located strategically and is licensed to provide theManaged Change™ model and methodology.

With that in mind, I’m so proud to announce two of our most recent regional, licensed partners – Advance Operations Management School of Italy and ATIM of the Netherlands:

…specializes in consulting services and change management training in the areas Operations and Supply Chain Management. Advance School is the exclusive partner of LaMarsh Global in Italy and is excited to use the Managed Change™ change management model and methodology to strengthen the company’s strategies to avoid the pitfalls that arise when change is managed poorly. Advance School has also worked with organizations in diverse fields – pharmaceutical, chemical, mechanical, electronic and IT to name a few – and has trained more than 1000 professionals with managerial experience in multinational companies operating in Italy and abroad. More info…

…supports organizations in trade, industry, supply chain management, education, health and government. They focus on improving organizations’ profitability, market share, structure, cost reduction, business processes, IT and customer satisfaction. ATIM has worked with many multinational companies –Caterpillar, Cargill, Eaton, HP, Samsung, Philips — and has continuously learned that changes must be accepted and supported by employees at all levels in order to make them sustainable. For these reasons and more, ATIM is very pleased to become a licensed affiliate of LaMarsh Global and provide the Managed Change™ change management model and methodology to current and future clients. More info…

I also wanted to take this chance to reemphasize our Central and South American presence. Transformation Through People (T2People) is one of LaMarsh Global’s longest standing licensed affiliates and is headquartered in Brazil. The firm has been a promoter of Managed Change™ for over 10 years and became an exclusive partner to Central and South America in 2010.

… has competencies in all the business processes that support true change management with integration in all organizational improvement objectives. The development of Change Agents has been a top company priority and has resulted in the training of hundreds of professionals in recent years. In 2014, T2People is refining specific applications of change management for Lean and for S&OP and is offering an approach on strategic change management for the HR and business fields. More info…

LaMarsh Global values all of these affiliate and business partner relationships, especially as they help us support our worldwide change efforts.

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