Our approach to change

LaMarsh Global has been a leader in change management since 1979.

Contemporary change management

LaMarsh Global bridges change management theory with the challenges and opportunities that businesses face today.

Focus on success

Our change management methodology identifies and highlights what is necessary for a successful change.

Go beyond theory

Develop your organization’s change capability or boost your credentials with training that is immediately applicable.

For any organization

LaMarsh Global has scalable services and an adaptable methodology for any stage of organizational change maturity.

How we approach change

For a change project to be successful, it is essential to understand what people need to hear, see and learn in order to change. We identify what leaders need to share, do and enable for their people to accept and adopt a change.

Concentrate on leaders

The most important factor of any organizational change is the skill and willingness of leaders.

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Rely on data and metrics

Leverage an iterative process to identify goals and what is needed for a change to be successful.

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Advance change capability

Every change project is an opportunity to make your organization better prepared for the future.

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The Managed Change model

Better results depend on a quality solution and the acceptance of that solution. The Managed Change model was developed to improve the acceptance of the solution.

R = Qs × As Results = Quality of Solution × Acceptance of Solution

Managed Change is a data-driven process to leverage quality solutions for better results. It is a cyclical model that is scalable, replicable and integrates into various project styles.

A methodology you can use

If you are new to organizational change or an expert, Managed Change provides the best practices and resources to help you achieve better results.

Change management that works for you

Through a customized blend of consulting and training, LaMarsh Global will equip organizations with the knowledge and tools to succeed at all types of change efforts.

We can bring the change management experts, collaborate with your team or provide coaching.


Certification workshops and on-site training for practitioners, leaders and organizations.


Expert on Demand
Quickly address your challenges and questions with one-on-one support and coaching.

Expert on Demand

Every change has the potential to improve business performance, but improvement is not guaranteed.

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