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Why One Company Calls Resistance a Gift | Video Transcript

The project team can’t help but be frustrated occasionally, sometimes frequently, by the impediments thrown in their way by people who don’t want to change.

You and I, as change management practitioners, try to figure out what causes that resistance and design ways to deal with it when it exists. We know that the more we know about why people resist the better we can build the right plan for preventing or reducing that resistance.

They knew when people opened up to them and shared they were being give a gift, not a burden.

So we want people to open up to us, to share their fears and concerns with us.  But if they believe the company, management and the project team, view those fears and concerns as impediments to the change and blame the people for feeling that way, they will keep those feelings to themselves.

One of our clients understood this very well. They recognized that until they knew what was going on in people’s heads they couldn’t deal with it. They invited people to share. They thanked them for sharing. They let people know that they understood that those fear and concerns were logical from the perspective of the people experiencing them. They knew when people opened up to them and shared they were being give a gift, not a burden.

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Rick Rothermel

Rick is CEO and Director of Consulting Services at LaMarsh Global. He is a change management expert, thought leader and entrepreneur and has served as a founding member of the Board of Directors of ACMP. Rick’s previous experience includes Chief Learning Officer at Michigan Virtual University, Executive Vice President of e-Learning at Global Dynamics and Director of North American Education, Training and Development at Ford. Connect with Rick on LinkedIn here.


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