About LaMarsh Global

As the global leader in change management, we help organizations develop change capability so you can concentrate on innovation and growth.

Improve your capability to change

From small changes to company-wide transformations, our goal is to empower your people and make them as optimistic about change as we are.

Consulting for organizations

You can streamline the change process and develop the capability for your teams to manage change with the help of our change management experts. Our experts can lead a change, collaborate with your teams or coach your leaders.

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Learning for change leaders

Whether you’re an executive, a team lead or somewhere in between, our learning offerings are designed to improve your ability to change the conversation, influence others and prioritize so you can manage the changes of today and tomorrow.

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The Managed Change model

Better results depend on a quality solution and the acceptance of that solution. The Managed Change model was developed to improve the acceptance of the solution.

R = Qs × As Results = Quality of Solution × Acceptance of Solution

Managed Change is a data-driven process to leverage quality solutions for better results. It is a cyclical model that is scalable, replicable and integrates into various project styles.

A methodology you can use

If you are new to organizational change or an expert, Managed Change provides the best practices and resources to help you achieve better results.

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Why LaMarsh Global is different

Our goal is for individuals and organizations to remain contemporary, innovative and successful by inspiring change. We want change management to be accessible and effective for any organization.

  • Scalable and adaptable to your own organization
  • No project is too large or too small
  • Improve the capability of individuals to lead and change
  • We’ll equip you and your team with the knowledge and tools to succeed at current and future changes

Leading change management since 1985
LaMarsh Global was founded before there were change management standards. Since then, the pace and complexity of organizational change has rapidly increased. We recognized that is was critical to understand the impacts and opportunities of change, so we developed a deliberate approach to change management: Managed Change.

Our mission
At LaMarsh Global, we all come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem facing companies today: achieving business goals. Change is constant and will only become more so. But most change is planned without adequately factoring in the most important asset – your people.

Global leaders in change management

Our team of change management experts and thought leaders have held roles as executive leaders and specialists in human resources, project management and operations, so we understand the struggles and opportunities of on-the-ground leaders.


Sheila Fain


As a change management consultant, executive coach and thought leader, Sheila’s hands-on approach advances the change capability of organizations and progresses the skills of leaders and change practitioners.

Change management experts

LaMarsh Global has a team of change management consultants that delivers instruction, coaching and leadership to change projects of any size or scope. We adapt our approach according to the capacity or competency of internal change teams, all while strengthening their own ability to manage change.

Our business partners

Our clients

Giving back

The LaMarsh Global team looks for opportunities to serve others – in our own communities and beyond. We are blessed to be able to give back by supporting non-profit organizations that are important to our employees.
Change management can improve the success of businesses, and it can also empower not-for-profit groups and community causes to make a bigger impact. Our change management experts are also offered paid days off to provide training and consulting to organizations that are meaningful in their own communities.