A How-To on Change Management; Yes it’s Important!

Transformation management training isn’t usually a first step when starting a business, but it’s something that all successful organizations consider at some point because passing time inevitably brings change! Generally, there are two accepted perspectives on change management frameworks and training:

One perspective follows the belief that training for an organization’s inevitable innovative and evolutionary periods is just another commodity. It encapsulates the idea that yes, organizational change management training of course contributes to organizational success, but not enough thought is put into why or how of transformation management training. This belief is represented by the common training video, the short, fast, and then forgotten certification, an action item ticked off the to-do list. This line of thought ends with us often begging the question… “Why is change management even important?”

Our preferred perspective, however, reimagines transformation management training as a critical skill that plays an integral role in an organization’s ability to evolve and to do so strategically. When executed correctly, this training leads companies down a path of resilient change capability which, not unlike resiliency training’s impact on individuals, will also benefit their business’ transformations.

With the first perspective we mentioned, organizations regard adaptational training as an expense more than an investment. When overlooked, the responsibility for managing transitional phases of an organization is oftentimes poorly delegated and leaders aren’t properly involved or interested in the change management process. And, while intentions may be good, poorly planned and implemented training usually does us more harm than good. Curious about how to prepare for a role with transformation management training? Read more here.

So it’s crucial to know that there are many specialists who are aware of the benefits of transformation training and have access to the necessary resources. By popular demand, leaders within top-notch organizations are starting to see the value in growth and evolution management and are beginning to understand that it is an essential part of a company’s success. They understand training not as a spending decision, but as an organizational capability and capacity decision. After investing in training, leaders and those in charge of changes find that their internal systems can adapt to changes with ease, rather than struggling for footing as the basics slip through the cracks. Organizations and teams that are able to adapt to change are the most likely to succeed.

While researching different options for your organization’s transformation management training, we recommend keeping these 10 tips in mind:

  1. Be sure that the training is comprehensive and covers all aspects of the process and necessary change management tools.
  2. Find a training that is within your organization’s budget.
  3. Choose a training that is tailored to the specific needs of your organization. Believe us, this tailored training exists.
  4. Find trainers that are knowledgeable and experienced in transformation and growth management.
  5. Make sure that the training is interactive and engaging so that participants will be able to learn and apply the concepts learned.
  6. Ensure that the training is delivered in a timely manner so that employees can start implementing the changes as soon as possible.
  7. Invest in a training that is accessible to all employees, regardless of their location or level of experience.
  8. Confirm that the training is consistent with the overall transformation strategy and the specific change management plan.
  9. Verify that the training helps employees understand why changes are happening and how they can contribute to successful implementation.
  10. Finally, make sure that you evaluate the effectiveness of the training after it has been delivered so that you can make necessary adjustments and improve future programs. Check out one resource to figure out how to measure training effectiveness here.

If you are interested in managing change effectively and efficiently to improve your organization’s performance, LaMarsh Global is here to help you get the ball rolling, or even to take advantage of the transformation management certifications we offer so that you and your team can manage big changes yourself! Contact us today to learn more about our corporate transformation management training and get more tips on strategically planning change in your organization.

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