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3 Ways Change Management Improves Business Strategy


My client Alexis contracted LaMarsh Global to work with her senior leadership team on the development of their business strategy. She recognized that defining and implementing a business strategy requires change management discipline to be successful. Her CEO respected her opinion but was skeptical to partner with a change management firm to do this kind of work and asked her to describe the approach. She called me and asked, “How will we use change management to define and implement business strategy?” What a great, and common, question. In the above featured video, I respond to Alexis and explain how organizations can leverage proven change management principles to more effectively deliver results.


How can we use Managed Change™ to define
and implement better business strategy?


  1. Improving business strategy is a change, so approaching this challenge with the same discipline as other changes will help the organization succeed
  2. Change management encourages leaders to embrace business strategy and provide strong sponsorship to the organization
  3. Managed Change™ enables Sponsors to communicate business decisions and reduce employee resistance to change
Rick Rothermel

Rick is CEO and Director of Consulting Services at LaMarsh Global. He is a change management expert, thought leader and entrepreneur and has served as a founding member of the Board of Directors of ACMP. Rick’s previous experience includes Chief Learning Officer at Michigan Virtual University, Executive Vice President of e-Learning at Global Dynamics and Director of North American Education, Training and Development at Ford. Connect with Rick on LinkedIn here.


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