Fill in the gaps

Change management consulting to support, strengthen and complement your organization’s change efforts.

Are you ready for the change?

Change can be sudden, or it can be planned for years. No matter the timing, the ability to successfully complete the change depends on your organization’s readiness and capability.

You need a clear plan

A robust plan identifies where you’re at, what you want to achieve and the optimal steps to get there without any surprises.

You need resources

Without sufficient expertise and experience, the path to complete a change is less direct or leads to an undesirable result.

You need commitment

A culture of change requires commitment from leaders throughout the organization and accountability from their teams.

What’s the next step for your change?

The first step to any change is getting the resources in place to carry out the project. Use our guide to select the best strategy to build your change management team.

Build your change management team

Let’s fill in the gaps

Your organization can succeed at change. LaMarsh Global will bridge the gaps by bringing in a team to assess, navigate and implement a change. Or we’ll shrink the gaps by strengthening your organization’s capability to change.

Our change management consultants will help you navigate successful technology implementations, mergers and acquisitions, business transformations, introductions of new products and services, culture changes — and more. No matter the size or type of transformation, you’ll benefit when the gaps are filled.

Respond positively to change

Business transformations and new opportunities will be welcomed when your organization and people are change ready.

Promote breakthrough moments

Reduce the risk to adopting or accepting change to enable opportunities for innovation and achieve goals.

Achieve better results

Prepare your organization for projects you have to succeed at or changes you need to complete.

Create effective leaders

The success of a change depends on the leadership of an organization and their ability to influence and manage.

Customized support to manage change

Our recommended strategies depend on the problems you’re facing and your existing change capability. The best place to start is to schedule a chat with one of our change management experts – we can help you identify the next step.

Identify your next step

Change management

We can bring the change management team, collaborate with your people or provide coaching. Together, we will develop and execute a change management strategy that works for your people and your goals.

  • Partner with your organization to create a change management plan
  • Develop a road map and strategy to build internal capability
  • Teach your leaders to effectively fill their roles


What would happen if no further action is taken? That’s the question we answer in our change readiness assessments. We will review and evaluate your change efforts that are planned or underway.

  • Collect and manage data from your organization
  • Evaluate your current, transitional and desired states
  • Prioritize potential risks and provide recommendation to manage or mitigate risks

Build your capability

Establishing change capability is an incremental journey. No matter how change capable your organization is today, we’ll meet you where you’re at and provide the direction, tools and support to remain focused on establishing change capability.

  • Assess current change capability and define clear and measurable goals
  • Develop the employees, leaders and teams integral in change efforts
  • Ensure the business structure, governance, processes and culture are change ready

Coaching and training

We will build your internal change capability by partnering with senior leadership, change leaders and practitioners so they can refine their leadership style and apply the Managed Change methodology to immediate priorities. You’re busy, so our experts can visit you at your site or virtually.

  • Coaching and one-on-one support to improve the change capability of key employees
  • Leadership training and executive coaching for leaders
  • Deliver workshops and certify change leaders and practitioners
When you partner with LaMarsh Global, we’ll provide you with the resources, tools and methodology so your organization will find a better way to change.

We’re ready to start

Change doesn’t wait until you’re prepared. LaMarsh Global will support your organization to make sure you’ll effectively manage the changes you are facing today and welcome them in the future.

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