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With Change Management, To Certify or Not to Certify is the Question

Many professions today either recommend or require what they are calling certification in order to be recognized as an expert. That is also true of change management.

But what is certification and what is the best source of change management certification for you?

LaMarsh Global believes the definition of certification is that it is a way to confirm that a person not only has the knowledge regarding what change management is and how to use it but can demonstrate the ability to actually perform to the methodology defined.

Being a professional change management person requires a series of developmental learning and application experiences with an ever increasing understanding of the change management methodology and the accompanying processes and deliverables. The individual considering certification and the level of certification that will meets his/her professional needs must ask the following question: as a specialized change agent, one providing change management support to a project, what level of support will I provide? The answer to that question will determine the level of certification to pursue.

For example, if you are going to be a practitioner of change management supporting a change such as a system implementation you will need a basic understanding of the change management methodology, the process flow and the tools/templates that will result in the key deliverables. Look for that level of certification by a reputable and experienced change management consulting/training firm.

If you are going to be a resource to that basic practitioner, a coach/consultant to those who are applying a basic methodology you may want to seek a more advanced certification in how to provide that support.

Because many organizations today, and yours might be one of them, are committed to building change management as an internal competency for those change agent practitioners, for leaders who play a role as sponsors, and even for the employees who need to build resilience in coping with constant change, you may be seeking a level of certification as a trainer in the change management methodology your organization is using.

Remember, true certification is earned not just when you have spent days in a facilitated workshop or have taken an e-lesson. It comes when, at whatever level you are pursuing, you can demonstrate that you have applied the learning and taken from your experience a level of competency that truly earns you the right to be certified.

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