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Over the years we have provided much support for change management practitioners whose job it is to help people impacted by change to move through the delta and successfully achieve new, future desired states. A key part of that effort has been our concentration on the role that management plays. We have built a process for developing their capability and willingness to be effective Sponsors of change.

As Change Agents and Sponsors have become increasingly skilled, we realize that if we are not careful we could be sending the wrong message to those who have to change. The effort we are putting into the role of change management practitioner and Sponsor to help Targets of change does not mean that they, the Targets, can be passive and rely on those in charge of the change to do all that is necessary.

Targets of change have a role to play as well that makes them partners with key Change Agents and Sponsors. This eBook is for Targets — those who, for the good of the organization’s change efforts and their own good, need to be proactive and not passive to become true partners in the change process.

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