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Resource Successful Change Changes Everything

Help Your Organization Understand Change Management Roles and Responsibilities

Successful Change Changes Everything: An Anthology of Role-Specific Change Management Guides is a free change management resource to help you and the people of your organization understand your roles in change and efficiently apply them.

We at LaMarsh Global argue that making that process visible is valuable to those individuals to ensure they do not skip any of the steps in the process. Equally important, a visible and defined process is critical to individuals for whom the action steps of a well-managed change are not intuitive, those who operate best when they follow a defined set of actions. And there is another reason. More and more companies today are committed to building effective, successful change management into their organizations as a core competency. This, by definition, calls for a common methodology that is visible and accessible to everyone involved in the change.

What you will learn

This free audio eBook podcast will provide you with a collection of many of LaMarsh Global’s most valued free change management resources to help your organization truly understand the important roles and responsibilities of successful change management. Click the play button above to listen today! Download the complete PDF version here.

  • Sponsor’s Guide to Change Management (1:21)
  • Change Agent’s Guide to Change Management (15:02)
  • Target’s Guide to Change Management (29:27)

Download the complete PDF eBook in our Resources section.

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