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The identification, analysis, and mitigation of resistance to change. The model is an organized, systematic application of the knowledge, tools and resources needed to effect change in the people who will be impacted by it.

Managed Change™ is LaMarsh Global’s proven change management approach. Recently refreshed and driven by real data, it guides project teams, Sponsors, Change Agents and Targets through changes efficiently and on time by focusing on the people side of change to accurately identify and reduce employee resistance.

The enhanced Managed Change™ Model and Methodology combine for an approach that leads the change management discipline and is the accepted standard for guiding companies through changes that encourage growth and vitality. Both scalable and adaptable to implement change at any level, no project is too large or too small for Managed Change™. The model and methodology support everything from large, complex, enterprise-wide implementations to more modest or internal projects and works to reduce the financial and operational risks associated with changes in organizations across all industries. It’s narrow in focus, but broad in application. This open architecture also allows Managed Change™ to also enhance other change management methodologies and align and integrate into project management and Process Improvement disciplines.

What is LaMarsh Global?

The Managed Change™ Model is the custom visual representation of the LaMarsh Global proprietary change management process. Overall, it’s the integrated whole of the resources & tools, that are the methodology, organized as a roadmap for successful change management by expert change management thought leaders.


The refreshed Managed Change™ Methodology combines LaMarsh Global’s proven change management processes, effective change management resources, and successful change management tools to help organizations navigate through all types of complex change projects.

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