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Sheila Fain, CEO, is a change management expert and thought leader. She has extensive experience with coaching and mentoring others as they build Managed Change™ competency through hands-on application with change projects.

When change happens in an organization, it’s the people that are impacted the most. Sheila focuses on helping organizations structure change so their people embrace it and drive it forward profitably. Change is always people first, and goals second. If the people in your organization are more intimidated by the change at hand, they will actively work to disrupt and create friction in the process. Sheila helps organizations identify and mitigate these issues to ensure the most successful outcome.

She has worked with individuals, organizations that are small in size to multi-national corporations, public, private sector and not-for-profit organizations. Her valuable skills have assisted organizations as they pursued clinical excellence with best practice, business process improvements, implemented new technologies and systems, merged business units and acquired new entities.

Professional Experience

Sheila has over 15 years’ experience applying the Managed Change™ Methodology. She came to LaMarsh Global in 2014 as Director of Consulting Services. Prior to that she served as Program Manager of Data Analytics & Training, Manager of Learning & Development, Master Black Belt, Performance Improvement Director, and in various clinical roles at OSF HealthCare.

Your team can and generally does develop an excellent solution to the problems your business is experiencing. That solution will likely never produce the expected results if you don’t support people in accepting and adopting that change.

-– Sheila Fain

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