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Judy Searle, Director of Consulting Services, is an experienced change leader with a passion for helping organizations achieve success.  She possesses skills in business management, process improvement, facility design, 6 Sigma and IT project management.  Judy combines the Managed Change™ methodology with her unique skillset and years of experience to guide her clients through changes with a focus on achieving results that are of value and sustainable for a prosperous future.

Professional Experience:

  • In her over twenty years of leadership, Judy has led many projects that aided organizations in meeting their strategic objectives from operational, financial and cultural aspects. She has experience in leading business transformation and expansion, internal process improvement, information technology system implementation, regulatory compliance, financial margin improvement and employee/customer satisfaction initiatives.
  • Judy has a unique ability to relate to and work with all levels of an organization . She builds relationships with front line team members, middle managers  and executives in order to gain support and acceptance that is critical for any successful change project.
  • She has developed organizational performance metrics, staffing models, onboarding and training curriculums, and scorecards for tracking outcome metrics that have been set as standard tools for use throughout the organizations she served.
  • Viewed as an expert in her field, Judy has been an invited guest lecturer and trainer for large organizations across the country.


“ People are the most valuable assets to an organization.  Incorporating their thoughts, ideas or concerns into the change plan is critical to achieving the expected outcomes.  Failure to do so contributes to fear, limited trust, lack of support and chaos that detracts from achieving desired results”

  • Judy Searle


Education & Certifications:

  • S., Health Administration, University of St. Francis
  • S., Health Arts, University of St. Francis
  • Managed Change™ Trainer, LaMarsh Global
  • Six Sigma Black Belt, Caterpillar, Inc.
  • Registered Radiologic Technologist, OSF Saint Francis School of Radiologic Technology


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