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Deborah Morrison, Director of Consulting Services, has been assisting organizations with business transformations, organizational changes, developing change capability and building competent change leaders for almost two decades. She has global change management experience in a wide-range of industries with a strong focus on realizing business results and growth through successful strategy execution.

Deborah has extensive experience in helping organizations to discover and manage the changes required to execute their business strategy. She has worked globally to uncover organization alignment opportunities and apply sound change management principles for realignment. Through her background in Instructional Design and Leadership and Management Development, she has provided sound processes, approaches and leadership development programs to enhance change leadership and to build organizational cultures to drive innovation.

Professional Experience

Deborah has applied the Managed Change™ Methodology for more than 15 years prior to joining LaMarsh Global in 2013 as Director of Consulting Services. Before that she served as a Senior Organization Effectiveness Consultant at Cargill, managed the Training, Change Management and Organizational Development functions at Harley-Davidson Motor Company’s Corporate Headquarters, and worked in the Launch Planning and Training function at Ford Motor Company. Deborah retired from the United States Air Force in 1998. During her time in the military, Deborah served as a First Sergeant, Director of Education for an NCO Leadership Academy, and as a mechanic and electrician on Aerospace Ground Equipment at various locations around the world.

Having a strong change capability is becoming less of a strategic choice and more of a requirement for organizations in today’s fluid business landscape. Our change management methodology, tools and experience serve as a building block for this organizational capability.

— Deborah Morrison

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