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Leveraging the principles of Organizational Change Management and Organizational Design and Leadership Development and her 17 years of management experience, Chantal specializes in helping leaders prepare their people for changes that lay ahead.

Chantal assists leaders in developing mitigation strategies that align the people of an organization with the strategy in order to achieve the intended results of the change. She is relentless in ensuring issues and roadblocks are addressed immediately in an honest and constructive way. Her ability to think creatively when the odds are seemingly against finding a resolution is what drives her to succeed.

Professional Experience

With over 25 years of industry experience in the fields of Change Management, Organizational Effectiveness, Human Resources, Business Transformation, IT & Technology, Relationship Management, Online Business & Strategy, Web Development, Product Management, Marketing, Advertising, and Television Production; Chantal’s reputation is centered around building strong relationships across all levels of an organization and establishing high performing teams to operationalize new disciplines and practices.

Prior to partnering with LaMarsh Global, Chantal spent 14 years in management positions at Shaw Communications where she successfully embedded Organizational Change Management into the Shaw culture, building internal Change Management capabilities using the LaMarsh Managed ChangeTM Methodology. Chantal has experienced first-hand the difference that it makes when change management is embedded within the projects and programs of an organization and the unfortunate result when it is not.

Understanding what motivates people and what discourages people is at the heart of putting the right mitigation strategies in place to align the people of an organization with the strategy and therefore to achieve the intended results.

— Chantal Milloy


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