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Sponsor Role, Responsibilities & Performance Checklist

Sponsors have the authority, resources and accountability to call for and support changes.

The first step to becoming a successful change Sponsor is knowing the role’s definition, responsibilities and tasks for good performance. This resource provides both key responsibilities and a solid performance checklist.

Key Responsibilities Include:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the personal and organizational impact of the change and its effect on shareholder value.
  • Understand how the many different change efforts in the organization affect one another and the overall mission.
  • Recognize and commit to changing themselves to support the change.
  • Clearly articulate over and over why the change is needed. Address all audiences using examples and language they will understand.
  • Keep the organization focused on the change.
  • Predetermine how much disruption the organization can handle in the Delta and plan and implement recovery strategies as necessary.
  • Support the Change Agents.
  • Hold the management cascade accountable for implementing the change.

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