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Rick’s Reflections | Why Change the Way Change is Managed?

As we mentioned last month, LaMarsh Global is launching a major review of how we approach change management. Importantly, our support of our clients’ efforts to implement successful change continues to yield effective change that seriously reduces the risk of failure and results in sustainable change.

Developed over the last four decades, the Managed Change™ model and methodology have proven to be valuable assets to our clients’ continued growth and success. We are very proud of this result as we are also proud of the impact we have had on individuals who have found a calling in change management and made themselves valuable to their companies and take great personal satisfaction from the work they do and the difference they make.

We have not been static over these years. We have often made changes to enhance the model and methodology, added tools, reworked tools, improved processes, and refined how we both teach and consult to Managed Change™. Those changes have happened incrementally and often seamlessly.

Over the past few months, as we look at what we have done to improve Managed Change™ over the years and the ideas we and you have about how to make it even better, LaMarsh Global decided that it was time to be more deliberate and structured in our effort at continuous improvement. We practice what we preach.

So in June we are launching three major activities to do just that: to examine the current Managed Change™ model and methodology and determine how it can be improved. We’ll look at the current state and design an improved desired state. And our input into that work will come from three sources:

  1. Our own staff…..we have a rich range of expertise and experience among our staff filled with ideas, advanced skills and bringing a range of thoughtfulness about how to make Managed Change™ better
  2. A Summit Review meeting…where we are inviting key practitioners of Managed Change™ who are in an excellent position based on their experience with us over the years and their own work with the model and methodology in their organizations to share those experiences and ideas and suggestions with us
  3. A survey going out to all of the people who have, over the years, taken our Managed Change™ workshop and those who moved up on our Triangle of Competency to Master and higher levels, seeking their input into what works for them and what we might improve.

Are you in any of those three categories?  If so, you will be hearing from us. If you aren’t, but you have an opinion about what a well-structured change management model and methodology should be, help us. Let us know your thoughts and suggestions as well through the below linked public survey (now closed)

Forty years is a long time but change management is still a young profession; one that must continue to grow and improve. While many of those improvements evolve over time, every once in a while it is time to sit down and architecturally design the next iteration. That’s what LaMarsh Global is committed to doing in 2014. We can’t do it alone. We need your help.

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