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Rick’s Reflections | Engaging with the Association of Change Management Professionals in Dallas

Reflecting on the time I spent recently in Dallas, Texas at an Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) meeting on standards with twenty-five highly experienced, talented and passionate change management professionals from around the world, I have decided now is the right time for me to discuss the work being done to establish the first global standard for change management.  As a member of the Board of Directors of the ACMP and the Standards Development Task Force Board Member Liaison, I have been championing and guiding this effort from the start.  Thousands of ACMP member volunteers, thought leaders (including Jeanenne LaMarsh), Board members, and member and non-member professionals have already contributed to the effort.  Their contributions in validating the need for a standard, defining the scope, identifying the thought leaders and the seminal references have been instrumental in establishing the framework upon which a change management model/methodology agnostic standard will be built.  All of this work is in the public domain and can be accessed through the ACMP website.

I was very excited to engage with the team in Dallas.  Surviving a rigorous application, interview and selection process to be chosen, they proved themselves to be worthy of representing us and our profession. As members of the Standards Working Group they began the awesome challenge of synthesizing all of the great work already done and actually started writing the standard.  Over the next six to nine months I will be monitoring and reporting their progress as they continue to write, refine and globally socialize the standard.

The work being done by the Standards Working Group under the auspice of ACMP is clearly important to our industry.  And it is also important to the tens of thousands of practitioners and leaders in the LaMarsh Global family.  Over the past thirty-five years we have educated, trained and developed your skill and competency in the Managed Change™ methodology.  In the months ahead, as I continue to support the standards development effort, I will use our newsletter and other media outlets to keep you informed of the ACMP standards development work and to share my personal views on its alignment with Managed Change™.

Founded in 2011, ACMP is dedicated to advancing the discipline and profession of change management practices that support the success of individual and organizational change for the realization of intended business results.  To learn more click here

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