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CEO to Host Workshop at ACMP® European Regional Change Management Conference

LaMarsh Global is pleased to announce that CEO Rick Rothermel will present at the 2015 ACMP® European Regional Change Management Conference in Brussels, Belgium on 18, September 2015.

Open to both ACMP members and non-members, Rick’s workshop will focus on the topic of Sponsors Behaving Badly – Tips and Techniques for Coaching Leaders. Detailed description below.


Workshop Outline

If they produced change management reality shows, one of them would definitely be titled, “Sponsors Behaving Badly.” Join us as we explore the issues and challenges Change Agents tackle as they attempt to coach Sponsors to lead their teams and their organizations through change. We will diagnose the role of Sponsor and share tools and techniques you can use to assess the skills Sponsors must have to perform well in the role and to identify their willingness to actually lead change. Within the framework of the LaMarsh Global Managed Change™ Methodology, you will have the opportunity to apply the assessment tools and create Sponsor Development Plans to identify and address resistance from Sponsors. A panel of seasoned change management experts will share their stories and role play strategies and techniques you can use as a change practitioner to shift poorly performing Sponsors to exemplary change leaders.

Workshop Learning Objectives

By participating in the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Design and implement tools to assess Sponsor skills and willingness to lead their organization through change
  • Share strategies and techniques to effectively coach Sponsors through the most common challenges
  • Leverage the LaMarsh Global Managed Change™ Methodology to predict, document, analyze and mitigate resistance
  • Create Sponsor Development Plans to mitigate resistance


Who Should Participate

This workshop is intended for experienced change management professionals who have responsibility for coaching Sponsors to effectively and efficiently lead changes through their organization.


Rick has been a change management practitioner and thought leader for more than twenty years. As a member of the LaMarsh Global leadership and consultant team, he has supported large and small clients in a wide variety of organizations and businesses around the globe in the diagnoses, planning and implementation of simple and complex changes. He has served on the ACMP Board of Directors and led the early efforts defining ACMP’s Standard for Change Management©. 


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