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R = Qs x A… But Who Decides the Solution is a Quality One? | Video Transcript

We at LaMarsh Global have learned over the years that a successful change requires really two key ingredients: the right solution and the adoption of that solution by the target populations.

We used to say that change management kicks in after that solution is chosen – but that’s not true. The role that we change management professionals play should be at the table while the solution is being decided. We are the experts who know what makes up that future or Desired State. It’s not just the list of companies being considered for acquisition….not just who sits in what box in the newly-designed org. chart. We know that each of these changes causes changes in four core elements of the Current State and we serve a very valuable role in challenging the design team to consider all four of those elements. When considering an acquisition, what beside the client list will be important to our company in the future?

If you study LaMarsh Global’s Managed Change™ Methodology, you know that we force consideration of the structure in the future state, what the key processes need to look like, what skills and competencies people have to have, and what the culture must be. Asking the team to consider all four elements for any major change will help them in the decision-making process and increase the likelihood of Quality Solution.

There’s a second reason why we add value in the decision-making process. The design team is concentering on the solution. Very seldom do they give consideration to the ease or difficulty of implementation in their decision-making process. At the table, we can provide an early estimate of the degree of resistance.

 View the full video from Rick below:

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