Master of Managed Change® Advanced Certification

Coach Change Agents and lead change projects

The Master of Managed Change® Certification Program is an advanced learning program designed for individuals who seek a deeper understanding of change management methodology and whose role will be to serve as a change management coach, lead Change Agent or Sponsor and/or someone responsible for building organizational change capability.

Certification is granted after completion of a three-day facilitated workshop, completion of an examination testing the candidates’ ability to apply advanced change management concepts and tools, AND submission of a Master Project Workbook demonstrating the candidate’s ability to lead and coach Change Agents and Sponsors.

The Master Project Workbook requirement is waived for participants who have previously earned a Managed Change™ Agent Certification or another approved foundational certification.


The candidate must have…

  • Successfully completed the Managed Change™ Workshop or another approved foundational change management workshop
  • Six months’ experience applying change management to at least one change project



  • Understand how and when to apply advanced change management processes and tools to successfully implement change and support the Sponsors who lead change.
  • Demonstrate the ability to customize multiple change management methodologies, philosophies and tools to meet the unique needs of a specific change project.
  • Coach others in the application of change management methodology.
  • Identify methods to collect and analyze resistance data as the foundation for predicting, measuring and monitoring the success of a change project.
  • Assess personal consulting competencies, explore the potential impact of the skill level and create a personal development plan.
  • Triage, scope, prioritize and resource change projects efficiently and effectively.
  • Design and implement a strategy and plan to establish organizational change management capability.
  • Change Management Methodology
    • In-depth review of different change management methodologies and philosophies
    • 101 Change Management Application Questions
    • Validate candidate’s comprehension of change management methodology and tool application
  • Change Management Strategy Simulation
    • Scope and triage a change project
    • Scale and customize the methodology and tools
    • Develop a Change Strategy document
  • Develop Organizational Change Management Capability (OCMC)
    • Profile a change capable organization
    • Explore Change Maturity Models
    • Strategies for establishing Centers of Excellence and Communities of Practice
    • Assess your organization’s change management capability and/or readiness
  • Change Management Application Practice
    • Solving change challenges simulation
  • Organizational Readiness for Change Simulation
    • Profile a change ready organization
    • Data collection, analysis and reporting
    • Customizing readiness assessment tools
  • Design the Change Capability Strategy and Plan
    • Define the Desired State, create infrastructure and governance
    • Build competency, coach and consult, establish capacity
    • Assess and develop individual consulting competency
    • Manage, nurture and sustain the established change management capability
  • Simulation, Case Studies, and Examination