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Organizational Training

The Managed Change™ Academy offers organizational change management learning programs designed to develop the broader and deeper competencies required to build, manage and sustain change capable organizations.

The ability for organizations to successfully manage change is a competitive advantage and a market differentiator. Organizations that decide to leverage Managed Change™ certifications earned by change practitioners, coaches and experts as a foundation for building change management capability will be more successful in meeting business goals and objectives. Successful organizations move through each competency level from Practitioner to Coach to Expert. The foundation of building change capability is adopting the Managed Change™ Methodology and leveraging an Enterprise License that authorizes companies to fully integrate Managed Change™ into business strategies and processes. Emerging change capable organizations must also recognize and accommodate the need for individual and team competency development as well as expert coaching, consulting, and assessment support.

1 – Education

Participation in a workshop

2 – Experience

Demonstration of the ability to apply the methodology and tools

3 – Examination

Completion of a simulation, case studies and an exam

Managed Change™ Academy

Explore organizational change management training programs from the Managed Change™ Academy.  Click on the links to learn more.

Managed Change™ Workshop

Develop and implement change management strategies and plans…

Managed Change™ Agent Certification

Develop and implement change management strategies and plans…

Employees As Partners in Change

Transition employees from ‘Victims’ to Partners in the Change Process…

Leader as Sponsor of Change

Lead organizational change and sponsor the implementation…

Building the Managed Change™ Plan Workshop

Engage the project team in developing a Change Management Plan for immediate implementation…

Change Readiness and Risk Assessment

Leverage data to manage organizational change readiness and risk…

Master of Managed Change® Advanced Certification

Coach Change Agents and lead change projects…

Change Readiness and Risk Assessment

Establish Managed Change™ capability across the enterprise…

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