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Master of Managed Change™ Advanced Certification

Coach Change Agents and lead change projects

The Master of Managed Change™ Certification Program is an advanced learning program designed for individuals who seek a deeper understanding of change management methodology and whose role will be to serve as a change management coach, lead Change Agent or Sponsor and/or someone responsible for building organizational change capability.

Certification is granted after completion of a two and a half day facilitated workshop, completion of an examination testing the candidates’ ability to apply advanced change management concepts and tools, AND submission of a Master Project Workbook demonstrating the candidate’s ability to lead and coach Change Agents and Sponsors.

The Master Project Workbook requirement is waived for participants who have previously earned a Managed Change™ Agent Certification or another approved foundational certification.


Change Agents responsible for implementations of major change projects who are Internal Change Leaders, Project Managers, Human Resource professionals, OD professionals, IT professionals, Finance & internal Audit Professionals, Risk Managers, , Black Belts and/or Master Black Belts.


The candidate must have…

  • Successfully completed the Managed Change™ Workshop or another approved foundational change management workshop
  • Six months’ experience applying change management to at least one change project

Certification Objectives

  • Understand how and when to apply advanced change management processes and tools to successfully implement change and support the Sponsors who lead change.
  • Demonstrate the ability to customize multiple change management methodologies, philosophies and tools to meet the unique needs of a specific change project.
  • Coach others in the application of change management methodology.
  • Identify methods to collect and analyze resistance data as the foundation for predicting, measuring and monitoring the success of a change project.
  • Assess personal consulting competencies, explore the potential impact of the skill level and create a personal development plan.
  • Triage, scope, prioritize and resource change projects efficiently and effectively.
  • Design and implement a strategy and plan to establish organizational change management capability.

What To Expect


Change Management Methodology

  • In-depth review of different change management methodologies and philosophies
  • 101 Change Management Application Questions
  • Validate candidate’s comprehension of change management methodology and tool application

Change Management Strategy Simulation

  • Scope and triage a change project
  • Scale and customize the methodology and tools
  • Develop a Change Strategy document

Develop Organizational Change Management Capability (OCMC)

  • Profile a change capable organization
  • Explore Change Maturity Models
  • Strategies for establishing Centers of Excellence and Communities of Practice
  • Assess your organization’s change management capability and/or readiness

Change Management Application Practice

  • Solving change challenges simulation

Organizational Readiness for Change Simulation

  • Profile a change ready organization
  • Data collection, analysis and reporting
  • Customizing readiness assessment tools

Design the Change Capability Strategy and Plan

  • Define the Desired State, create infrastructure and governance
  • Build competency, coach and consult, establish capacity
  • Assess and develop individual consulting competency
  • Manage, nurture and sustain the established change management capability
  • Simulation, Case Studies, and Examination



To learn more about individual or project team open enrollment opportunities, browse the Managed Change™ Academy program listing above, download the full PDF brochure linked here, or contact us for more information about scheduling any of these learning programs in your organization.


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Length: 2.5 days

Materials: Master of Managed Change® Guide, digital Managed Change™ tools, and a Certification Project Workbook