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Making successful change in larger, complex organizations requires an understanding of their different environments.

Too often, enterprise-led changes are designed from the enterprise view of the overall organization only, using what the team believes is a high quality solution that they’ve benchmarked from another organization or gleaned from a few well-chosen team members viewed as representing the “rest of the organization.”

In addition, change management plans typically focus on understanding the changes that need to be made – given the current state – to achieve the Desired States.

The manufacturing landscape includes facilities that have evolved over time to their current state to meet on-going challenges, strategy and customer requirements. These evolutions are influenced by a number of factors including labor unions, economic conditions, employment landscape, cost and local leadership personality. In fact, many aspects of the current state are not going to change as they are essential to success. As a result, trying to implement Desired States that are not achievable in all facilities leads to change failure and frustration for both the project team trying to implement the changes and the employees within each facility.

Download our Manufactured Desired State Assessment Facility Checklist for more detailed questions to consider that will increase the likelihood for successful implementation and sustainability of a change by completing the form below.


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