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How to Leverage Your Change Agent Network

What is the best approach to coordinating the efforts of multiple Change Agents supporting an enterprise-wide change implementation?

This question comes from Kung Jin, who earned his advanced certification just over a year ago. He was recently appointed to the position of Chief Change Officer for a global distribution organization. He told me he is working with the Sponsor responsible for a new enterprise change project that will impact every employee in the company. His intention is to establish a Change Agent Network and asked for advice on how to recruit, select and on-board the best candidates. In the above linked video, I answer Kung Jin and explore the below listed talking points.


Talking Points

  • Why establish a Change Agent Network
  • Role and responsibilities of the Change Agents in the network
  • How Sponsors should identify and select Change Agents
  • Why Change Agents need to be great communicators with good analytical skills
  • How to identify and leverage key influencers
  • The accountability of Sponsors
  • Change Agents and performance goals

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