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How to Increase Your Resilience in the Face of Change

When someone tries to get you to change, you can experience a number of different reactions. If change means you have to leave a present that’s comfortable and familiar, you’ll most likely resist change and fight to stay the same.

Resilient people can absorb the impact of change and keep going.  Those who lack resiliency are more likely to feel helpless in the face of change.  Why are some people more resilient than others?  Differences in resilience come from a combination of physical makeup, genetic predisposition, and the environment.

You can’t do much about your physical makeup or genetic predisposition, but you can manage your environment.  Why are some people more resilient when changes hit them?  They have two important elements in their lives:

  1. A commitment to being in control of their lives and not letting circumstances control them.
  2. A willingness to see change as an opportunity to make the desired state into a better place than the current state.

Gaining more control over your life and the changes required of you can increase your resilience.  And the more you gain control, the easier it becomes to look at each change and examine the possibility that it has, inherent in it, an opportunity for you.  Since the amount of change is only going to increase in the future, those changes can either wear you down or can be seen as an inevitable part of your life that you are going to manage, not be managed by.

The first step to increasing your resilience is identifying the emotions that each change evokes and thinking about why you feel the way you do. Instead of dismissing your emotions as illogical, understand that those feelings have a legitimate and rational source.

As you start to recognize the emotions you experience around the loss of the current state, you can prepare for changes that will come along in the future. You’ll gain comfort in the knowledge that you can create a change plan if needed. And as you boost your resilience, your body, mind, and emotions will benefit.

What are some emotional triggers you need to work through to increase your resilience to change?

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