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We’re Hiring!

LaMarsh Global is seeking an experienced Associate Consultant

As more and more organizations recognize the value of partnering with a LaMarsh Global team to provide change management support to their change efforts, we are seeking to enlarge our extended staff of Associate Consultants. Associate Consultants work in partnership with our staff Engagement Managers and will be seamlessly integrated into those teams.

While the Engagement Manager provides the strategic and consultant support to the internal project team and senior leadership, the Associate Consultant is responsible for the data collection and the creation of the key Managed Change™ deliverables for the engagement. In addition, the Associate Consultant works closely with the Engagement Manager offering observations and recommendations for the success of the change based on the work done in that partnership.

We are seeking an experienced change management practitioner looking for a salaried or contract position. We will train and certify the Associate Consultant in the Managed Change™ Methodology.

Interested? For more information and to submit an application visit our change management careers page here.

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