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How to Develop a Change Management Learning Plan

For many organizations, it’s not enough to know why a change is needed, what it will entail and how it should be implemented. Frequently the desired state requires people to be able to do new things they have never done before.

That means they need training. Developing a Learning Plan identifies the skills and/or knowledge required by each target group throughout the change. It determines when they need that training, how it will be delivered and assessed, by whom and at what cost.It should cover both in-house systems individual to your organization and generic skills applicable in your industry. The latter can be taught by external trainers, whereas the former will need to be conveyed in in-house seminars or one-to-one sessions.

But don’t feel like you’re stuck to figure this plan out yourself. We’ve set up a learning plan outline for you that will help you set out in detail the kind of training each target or target group will need leading up to your change initiative.

Download the Developing a Learning Plan tool today.

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