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Employees as Partners in Change

Transition employees from ‘Victims’ to Partners in the  Change Process

The Employees as Partners in Change Program introduces employees impacted by change to the fundamental concepts of change management by focusing on their role in the change process. They will gain insight into their reactions to change and how to develop a personal approach to change that will reduce stress and increase the probability of successful organizational change. The workshop addresses the emotional issues that can prevent employees from becoming partners in the change. It helps them to realize that those emotions and the resulting resistance to change are both natural and normal. The workshop also reinforces the role employees play – and the role their management plays – in dealing with the emotions, as well as how to become proactive in learning to live with constant change as a partner, not a victim.


  • Commitment to developing change capability and availability of coaching support to emerging practitioners

Certification Objectives

  • Gain insight into the employees’ personal orientation to change and how that orientation impacts their outlook and reaction when faced with change
  • Learn how emotions triggered by change affect employees and how the impact of the resulting behaviors affects the organization
  • Identify ways in which employees can build coping skills to learn to live more comfortably in a world of constant change
  • Contract with management and work in partnership within their organization

What To Expect

An Overview of the Change Process

  • The participants experience with change
    • In their personal lives
    • In their work lives
  • What can/should they expect from the organization?
  • What do they need to do for themselves?

Understanding and Addressing Employee Needs Thru the Change Process 

  • What reactions does each stage of change cause?
  • What do employees need at each stage of change?

Sponsors, Change Agents

  • What should employees expect from their leadership during change?
  • What should they expect from the Change Agents?

The Employee as Target — as Partner in the Change 

  • • What is each participant’s orientation to change?
  • What is the result of that orientation?
  • What reactions should be expected when faced with change?
  • What can employees do to diminish the pain of change?

Building a Partnership

  • Identify the specific issues regarding current changes
  • Dialogue with leadership and the Change Agents to form a contract
  • Request actions steps and commit to action steps


To learn more about individual or project team open enrollment opportunities, browse the Managed Change™ Academy program listing above, download the full PDF brochure linked here, or contact us for more information about scheduling any of these learning programs in your organization.


An interest in understanding the change process and improving ability to personally manage change


Contact us for more information about scheduling, pricing and additional program details


Location: On-site client locations

Materials: Partner in Change Guide, Change Better: Survive-and Thrive- During Change and Work and Throughout Life

Length: 2 to 4 hours

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