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New eBook: A Brief History of Change Management


It’s an amazing story… the birth of a profession. Forty years ago there was no change management. There were no structured, disciplined nor transferable methodologies that could be internalized and leveraged by organizations. And certainly, there were no change management professionals.


Today change management is a profession. Change Management Practitioners are a respected and valued part of many organizations, and the number is growing. The men and women who share this profession can take pride in what they do — helping organizations they serve AND the people in those organizations. A worthy profession.

This eBook by Jeanenne LaMarsh, the creator of the Managed Change™ Model and Methodology, walks readers through her early experiences with change management and the ways in which the discipline has grown to support many organizations of all sizes. It includes:

  • Historical evidence explaining the development of change management (pg. 1)
  • A diagram showcasing a real and effective change management governance structure (pg. 2)
  • A sample Desired State for a company with change management as a core competency (pg. 3)
  • Change Management Approach Selection Criteria Assessment (pg. 4)


Download LaMarsh Global’s newest eBook A Brief History of Change Management today and learn more about successful change management.

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  1. Jeaneene,
    CONGRATULATIONS on such a successful career! All the best as you being the next chapter in your life.

    Happiness, Health & Prosperity Always,

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