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Defining the Future State in 3 Easy Steps

Change is difficult because you are leaving what was once comfortable and familiar and heading into the unknown.

But focusing on the future and planning how you’ll approach the transition toward it makes change a lot smoother. The future will look different for every company, but there are 3 easy steps that every organization can use to help define their unique future:

  1. Gather necessary information
    • Processes
      • What processes are key to the company’s vision?
      • How will those processes operate?
      • How will they be measured?
      • How will they be determined to be working correctly?
    • Structures
      • How should the company be organized?
      • How much management should there be?
      • Where should management be placed?
    • Culture
      • How will people behave?
      • What will they believe is important?
      • What kind of rules will the organization have?
  2. Define resource requirements
    • How much time is needed?
    • How much money will be spent?
    • What personnel will be involved in the change?
    • Who are the consultants?
    • What training will be in place?
  3. Identify change agents
    • Who are the primary change agents involved?
    • Are the primary change agents aware of their responsibilities?

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