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Changing the Way Change Happens… and Sustaining Your Edge in an Ever Changing Global Society | Rick’s Reflections

Twenty years ago, Jeanenne LaMarsh wrote a seminal book on change management and the need for individuals and organizations to pay attention to the way in which they engage in the change process.

Changing the Way We Change has been distributed around the world, published in multiple languages, and prominently displayed in the bookcases of tens of thousands of business leaders, change management practitioners and targets of change.  At the time, few people appreciated the impact her thought leadership would bring to the emerging discipline, the groundswell of tools and techniques, and the unique models and methodologies built upon the implicit logic and simple rigor of the Managed Change™ Approach.  Today, we truly appreciate the important contributions presented in Jeanenne’s book.

The basic philosophy of identifying, understanding, analyzing and mitigating resistance from those who are impacted by change still applies today.  Whether we are tackling personal changes or leading transformational changes across a global enterprise, focusing attention on the basics will always improve acceptance and adoption.  Our LaMarsh Global thought leaders continue to build on Jeanenne’s original work.  We continue to evolve and innovate the basics, finding new and valuable ways to apply the methodology.

Sharing what we learn in our application of the methodology has always been a key goal for our organization and a market differentiator for LaMarsh Global.  In 2014, we shared our Managed Change™ applications and innovations with you through multiple social media outlets and received a lot of valuable feedback and insights that will make our approach even stronger and more relevant.  We plan to continue learning and sharing with you in 2015.  You can expect new videos, additional eBooks, informative blog posts, and more free downloadable change management resources, tools and webinars.

As 2014 winds down and we begin to reflect on the moments and opportunities we seized, and some we may have missed, I thought we should give you another opportunity to  review all we have shared in 2014 so that you can strengthen your position as a leading edge change management practitioner.

Here’s our most popular content from 2014…


  1. 7 Phases Employees Go Through During Change
  2. Help for the Hunters and Gathers
  3. 3 Most Common Change Management Myths
  4. Changing the Way Change Happens 
  5. When Beliefs and Behaviors are Challenged by Change


  1. 5 Must-Do Tips for Effective Change Management, eBook
  2. 5 Strategies to Harmonize Change, eBook
  3. Change Agent’s Guide to Change Management, eBook
  4. Change Management Scalability Guide, Tool
  5. Mapping a Change Management Initiative, Tool


Jeanenne talks more about Changing the Way Change Happens in Episode 6 of Managed Change™ Minutes. View the full video resource here.


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