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Change Readiness and Risk Assessment

Leverage data to manage organizational change readiness and risk

Resistance data identification, collection, analysis and action are at the core of the Managed Change™ Methodology. This program presents the strategies and techniques that are critical to effectively and efficiently manage resistance data and validate acceptance through the life cycle of the change. LaMarsh Global thought leaders will train, coach and consult with experienced change practitioners to design, develop and implement change readiness and risk assessments. The program is customized to address the immediate assessment needs of the client through application of the concepts and tools to an existing change.


  • Leadership commitment to developing a change capable organization

Program Objectives

  • Understand foundational change management data collection strategies and techniques related to assessing change readiness and risk
  • Evaluate and analyze data and document conclusions derived from the review of artifacts, observations, surveys and focus groups
  • Understand the attributes of change readiness and risk assessments and the alignment to the sources of resistance
  • Create a strategy and plan for assessing change readiness and risk
  • Coach Change Agents and Sponsors in their roles and responsibilities
  • Demonstrate competency in assessing change readiness and risk by applying data collection, analysis and reporting concepts and tools

What To Expect

Pre-work: A LaMarsh Global Consultant will meet with the Project Sponsor, Primary Change Agent and Project Team Leader to evaluate the current status of the change, identify preferred data collection and analysis tools and preferences, and review the Change Plan. The outcomes of these discussions will be incorporated into a program tailored to address the unique data collection and analysis requirements specific to change.


  • Data strategies
  • Techniques and tools
  • Quantitative vs. qualitative data
  • Misconceptions and pitfalls
  • Trends and statistical significance

Sources of Resistance

  • 8 Sources of Resistance
  • Leveraging the InfoMatrix

Strategy and Plan Development

  • Strategy and Plan attributes
  • Creating the strategy and plan
  • Socializing the strategy and plan
  • Sponsor role and responsibilities

Strategy and Plan Implementation

  • Change Agent role and responsibilities
  • Define populations
  • Collect and analyze data
  • Document results
  • Formulate recommendations

Reporting Observations, Findings and Recommendations

  • Delivery strategies and techniques
  • Creating reports and presentations
  • Preparing Sponsors
  • Delivering outcomes

Simulation Application

  • Develop Data Collection & Analysis Strategy
  • Design the plan and customize tools
  • Assess change readiness and risk
  • Analyze change readiness and risk data
  • Define and present recommendations

Post-session: The LaMarsh Global Consultant will coach the individual or team over the next six months as they implement the Change Management Strategy and Plan.


Experienced Change Agents responsible for scoping and leading change management planning and implementation for large scale projects and monitoring and reporting organizational readiness and risk throughout the life cycle of the change


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Location: On-site client locations

Materials: Building the Change Management Plan Guide, Change Style Indicator, electronic Toolkit, Change Better: Survive-and Thrive-During Change at Work and Throughout Life

Length: Classroom: 2 to 3 days, LaMarsh Global Consultant Coaching: 30 days

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