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Change Management Consulting

LaMarsh Global enables organizations by providing a range of OCM consulting services that successfully deliver change. Combined and often integrated with our learning programs, our proven organizational change management consulting process is designed to meet three unique solutions — consulting, coaching and assessment.


We deliver immediate and tangible results using the best practices of the Managed Change™ Methodology while partnering with your leaders to develop and execute strategy. We tailor our approach to your requirements and for the people who will play a role in the change process. We can serve as the change management resource members of the project team or work in a shadow consulting role to support the internal organizational change management team members.

Our LaMarsh Global consultants have both the expertise and experience necessary to assist you in addressing the unique change management issues and challenges facing your organization. Our team of experts have provided consulting support to many different types of organizations, industries, agencies and institutions around the globe. They are qualified and skilled to quickly and efficiently assess the situation, recommend solutions and develop and implement strategies and tactics to manage the change and deliver the intended results.

We have learned through our experience there is rarely one single best solution. You can expect our team will leverage its collective expertise and present an integrated solution with multiple options. Our experts will partner with your team to decide the most appropriate approach considering the resources, investment and time available.

We can help

  • Completion of the action steps, or Partner with the project team and collaborate on the creation of the change strategy, data collection and analysis, change plan development and implementation, or
  • Provide the Managed Change™ Model and Methodology, resource the change project with our expertise, and create the change strategy and deliverables.



Our preferred approach in supporting our clients is the best of all possible approaches — to teach you while we consult.  As we are consulting and applying the Managed Change™ Methodology, we actively share with key people in your organization what we are doing, why and how, so they learn how to take a more proactive role in the current and future change projects. We may stay for the duration of the change or move out as internal expertise develops.


Senior leadership and Change Agents benefit greatly when they are coached by our LaMarsh Global experts. We know that even the best students of change management may need some support and mentoring as they translate the classroom learning into practical application of the Managed Change™ Methodology. Through formal and informal focused coaching, we guide your change agents and leaders toward success. We ask probing questions, observe and critique their application of the methodology, validate their decisions and encourage them to confidently do what is required to deliver the desired outcomes. Whether your organization has adopted the Managed Change™ Methodology or is using a different methodology, our LaMarsh Global team can effectively coach your change agents and leaders to understand and embrace their role and apply the methodology to deliver on their assigned responsibilities. Getting started, our experts will customize a coaching strategy specific to the unique needs of your organization. They can effectively implement the strategy and deliver coaching support virtually as needed or be at your side for all or some of the time your Change Agents and leaders are managing change.


Accurate and appropriate data collection and analysis are critical elements of a well-managed change. The Managed Change™ Methodology is a data-driven approach to predicting, identifying, analyzing and mitigating resistance to change. LaMarsh Global consultants will create a customized data management strategy and implement plans that ensure the right data is collected from the right people using the right approaches. Our clients want to be proactive and prepared for the challenges of resistance. Change Readiness Assessments and Change Project Risk Assessments are conducted to identify the probability of success based upon the actions already taken and planned. Our change management experts are able to objectively evaluate the data, prioritize the risks and offer recommendations that can dramatically improve the likelihood of a more successful outcome.

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