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Building a Change Capable Organization: Breaking Ground (2/2)

What do the 6 steps to building organizational change management capability really look like?

Building a change capable organization must be approached like any other transformation project. The organizations that are most successful focus on: defining a clear and measurable Future State Vision, developing employees who are skilled and competent in making change and empowering them to be partners in the change processes, adopting business policies, practices and structures that are flexible and enable change to happen easily, and establishing a culture in which people managers are held accountable for leading change through their organization. In these organizations managing change efficiently and effectively is a shared value imprinted on employees and reinforced by leaders. Establishing transformational change capability is an evolution for most organizations. It requires a long-term strategy and organizational stamina to remain focused and appreciate the evolving incremental accomplishments and successes. The evolution is a Six Step Strategy that we will explore in this eBook.

LaMarsh Global knows how to break ground in order to build a solid foundation upon proven change management principles. Download the free eBook (Part 2 in our series) to take a closer look at our 6 steps to building organizational change management capability!

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