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6 Tips for Managing Culture Clash

How can converging organizations leverage change management discipline to successfully integrate their respective, unique cultures?

One of our clients, a southwest regional organization that is aggressively acquiring independent practices and specialty centers, recently asked me this question.  The company’s goals are to create a system that will better serve a larger customer base and to provide fully integrated health care services.  I recently met with the CEO.  He told me that his team is finding it very difficult to integrate the new businesses because there is too much confusion.  He added that the stress his staff is experiencing is beginning to negatively impact clients. He asked, “What should I do?”  In the video above, I respond and provide 6 useful tips.



  1. Validate the “One Culture” Desired State among key Sponsors
  2. Confirm Sponsors agree with and support the “One Culture” Desired State
  3. Understand the gap between multiple Current State Cultures and a “One Culture” Desired State
  4. Identify, understand, and mitigate resistance
  5. Plan and implement a Culture Gap Bridge Strategy
  6. Be patient – Culture change is typically an evolution, not a revolution
Rick Rothermel

Rick is CEO and Director of Consulting Services at LaMarsh Global. He is a change management expert, thought leader and entrepreneur and has served as a founding member of the Board of Directors of ACMP. Rick’s previous experience includes Chief Learning Officer at Michigan Virtual University, Executive Vice President of e-Learning at Global Dynamics and Director of North American Education, Training and Development at Ford. Connect with Rick on LinkedIn here.


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