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3 Major Change Management Trends: Exploring the Year Ahead | Managed Change™ Insights

We at LaMarsh Global are not great believers in predicting the future. We’ve learned our lesson over and over and know few of us can predict what is to come. However, the change management thought leaders at LaMarsh Global do have some idea of the immediate future. The year we are in, 2015, will see some interesting changes in change management. Here are three major trends to think about:

  1. The first and most exciting, impactful change is that so many organizations are recognizing that they need to build the capability to manage change into their DNA. They are recognizing that it is not just something you dust off or buy when a major change is going to be implemented. It is a core competency and a basic way of thinking about every change, from the transforming of their supply chain to a reorganization of the desks in the five-person office in Bismarck, North Carolina.
  2. Second is the enhanced sophistication of the tools we use to collect data, to analyze it and to build and implement our change plans. If you have not yet been exposed to these new tools, look forward to the coming year as this is the time when you will see major shifts in the actual tools and their ability to help you to ‘slice and dice’ data and be more efficient and more effective in your work.
  3. And third, many organizations will see a great deal of change in the senior leadership positions and this will have a dramatic impact on our ability to apply effective change management. The current leaders in many organization are reaching the age of retirement. Who will take their place? For many organizations, it is people who have been grooming for those positions by taking on the task of implementing major change.  In the process, they’ve learned a lot about what it means to be a good sponsor. Many of you will see your new senior leaders coming into their roles with heightened ability and commitment to successful change management and to their role as sponsors.


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